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Odessa AC Services

Providing Cooling Repair in the Midland Area

Summers the Odessa area can be brutal. That’s why a home with reliable air conditioning is on the top of many buyer’s shopping lists. When your AC unit stops working, life can quickly become a sweaty mess. Instead of suffering through the heat, give Mega Care Solutions a call instead. Whether you end up needing a simple repair or a full AC replacement, we’re here for you.

At Mega Care Solutions, we offer many comprehensive services for our commercial and residential customers. From repairs to system tune-ups to air conditioning unit installations, no one is better equipped to get the job done than our highly trained contractors. Take a look through our residential and commercial pages to get a sense of all of the services that are available. Our main focus is making your home comfortable whether it be with the Air Conditioning Cooling System, the warm and cozy Heating System and/or ensuring your HVAC System provides the highest level of Air Quality possible.

Residential Air Conditioner Repair

When it gets hot in the Permian Basin, it gets really hot: the record temperature in Midland, for instance, was 116.1 degrees.

So leave your home’s HVAC system to the professionals. We offer air conditioner installation and repair, as well as maintenance agreements that save you money while keeping your unit running smoothly. Call today for an estimate!

Commercial Air Conditioner Repair

With our commercial HVAC services, we’ll keep your operating costs down and your business comfortable no matter how hot or cold it gets in the Permian Basin. Our technicians can install HVAC systems tailored to your building that ensure you get the most out of your investment. Call today!

A Non-Technical Explanation of How Air Conditioning Works

An AC unit is basically a fridge without an insulated box. But, instead of dumping the cold air inside your home, it dumps it outside. To understand how the system works, we’ll start where the “freon” gas enters the compressor on the outside unit:
  1. As the heated freon enters the compressor, it squeezes the gas. This causes the temperature and pressure of the freon to soar.
  2. Fans in the outside coil lower the temperature of the gas. This causes the freon to condense from liquid-like steam into liquid H20.
  3. This cooled liquid is then propelled through a tiny hole leading to your indoor coil. When the liquid finally passes into this low-pressure area, the difference in pressure returns it to a gaseous state.
  4. The freon then expands spreading its heat over a much larger area, chilling it and the surrounding coil. As air passes through this coil, it drops in temperature. Your blower then pushes this cool air throughout your home.

How to Tell When It’s Time to Call an AC Expert

Sometimes—for various reasons—this process stops or sputters. Unfortunately, unless it’s a full-on breakdown, most homeowners don’t know when it’s time to call a Odessa-area HVAC contractor. Here’s a shortlist of circumstances where you should:
  • The unit hums but refuses to turn on
  • You can’t trigger the AC on from the thermostat
  • You hear strange noises or feel vibrations
  • You see water pooling around your air conditioner
  • The fan runs but the heat coming out is still hot
  • The unit abruptly ceases operation
If you do notice any of the above problems, don’t panic. We can help! Contact us at (432) 580-6342 to schedule an appointment for AC service.

The Most Common Causes of AC Failure

You might be wondering why your air conditioner failed. Maybe it’s only a few years old. Or, perhaps you just had a tune-up done on it a couple of weeks ago. After of HVAC experience, we’ve found the following are the most common reasons for failure:
  • Faulty Electrical Components
  • Refrigerant Leaks
  • Frozen Coils
  • Damaged Fan Blades
  • Bad Compressors
  • Faulty Thermostats
  • Skipped Maintenance Visits

Our List of Odessa-Area AC Services

AC Repair
Keeping your home cool over the summer months is important. A home that’s hot and humid can make life uncomfortable. Put a stop to the discomfort and let a licensed HVAC contractor handle your AC repair in the West Odessa area. Our dedication to customer happiness and satisfaction makes working with us an easy decision.
AC Installation
On top of AC repair and maintenance, we also offer air conditioner installation services. After conducting analysis on your home’s HVAC needs, we’ll present options that suit your home’s size and cooling demands. Then, you can pick the energy-efficient air conditioning unit that’s right for you and your budget. If you need electrical ran, we can help make recommendations.
AC Replacement
Homes can last for centuries if properly maintained. The same cannot be said of air conditioners. After about 15 or 20 years of service, yours will likely start to break down. While you can repair it at first, there’ll come a time when it’s no longer economical to do so.When that happens, the HVAC professionals at Mega Care Solutions are here to help you find a suitable, more energy-efficient replacement.
AC Maintenance
A lack of maintenance is the number one cause of early HVAC equipment failure. To learn more about what we do during a maintenance visit, check out our associated service page. If you don’t need any more convincing, give us a call to schedule your AC tune-up in Odessa and help your equipment go the distance.

Air Conditioning FAQs

  • How Much Will My AC Service Cost? The cost of your air conditioner repair or installation depends wholly on the layout of your home and the circumstances involved. For that reason, we cannot provide quotes over the phone.
  • How Long Does the Typical AC Unit Last? While the lifespan of a new AC unit varies depending on make and model, most will last between 10 and 15 years. Some systems can make it well over 20 years if properly maintained. A lot of this, however, depends on how much you use your system.
  • Is there Anything I should Check before Calling You? Before giving us a call at (432) 580-6342, go through the basics. Make sure you don’t have a dead thermostat or a tripped breaker. Then, put in a new air filter and make sure you have the system set to Cool. If none of these things are to blame, reach out to us for an AC diagnosis check.
  • What Are BTUs and EERs? You might hear our HVAC technician use these acronyms and not know what they mean. A BTU—a British Thermal Unit—is a measurement of heat. An Energy Efficiency Resource Standard (EERS), meanwhile, is a guideline used to represent the energy efficiency of a system.
  • My AC Bills Are High. Is There Anything I Can Do? Aside from replacing your system with a more efficient one, you can try buying blackout curtains, replacing old insulation, and sealing windows. Installing a whole-house or ceiling fan can also help reduce sticker shock.
  • Should I Cover My Unit in the Winter? If you want to avoid leaves and debris inside your AC unit, you can purchase a cover through your brand’s dealer. This is not necessary if you have a heat pump, however.
  • Why Won’t You Just Refill My Freon? Though your AC unit might work if we just refilled your coolant, that’s a band-aid fix for a much larger problem. Because air conditioners are closed systems, any loss in refrigerant means you have a leak. With many older systems using environmentally hazardous substances like R-410—which is now banned in new units and only available via reclamation—getting these refills can end up being more expensive than buying a new air conditioner that uses safer, lower-cost refrigerants.

Trust Us to Fix Any AC Problem in the Odessa Area

When you need AC service in Odessa, West Odessa, or Midland. Mega Care Solutions is the company to trust. We service all models and makes of air conditioning equipment including Trane, Carrier, and Goodman. We also promise to treat every customer with the respect and autonomy they deserve. Please reach out to us by phone or form to schedule your AC repair or installation today!